crazy janey and the mission man

A bit late but just to say, was one of the best springsteen shows I've ever been to. And the rain seemed to energize him (63 years old) He talked about Clarence during City of Ruin, I don't think I was the only one teary eyed.
He played almost 3 and 1/2 hours, and would have played longer with Paul McCartney who came up on stage, if they hadn't turned the mike off at 10:40 for a local curfew. Incredible. I think we would have all pitched in the pay the fine..

once more into the mud

Hectic week, but I'm completed stoked, just got tickets to see The Boss Hyde Park calling tomorrow. I didn't make it in 2009 but it was a great show. Can't wait I need me some Bruce right now.
I'll need some Wellingtons I guess as it looks to be wet and rainy.
It will be the first time I see him without the Big Man.
I'll bet wet and bedraggled but I don't care, I need me some Bruce.
Hopefully the guy I got the ticket from on Gumtree is not lying crazy person....

Totally a good week bad week...
way cooler than booth


to those of you who made me aware of The A.V.Club..

Got to read Noel Murreys review of the end of Angel.

And now this summer he's writing about FIREFLY and Donna Bowman is writing about SPORTS NIGHT Capers and Cartwheels (well, capriole in Italino) . Honestly, it's like I've gotten a present or something. I think I might be the only person I know right now who's even heard of Sports Night, and I think it might be one of the best little shows ever written that hardly anyone has ever heard of...
Bangel are my OTP , but Dana and Casey were the first couple I ever shipped. I think 10 years later I still want to see them work it out Gad, how fun was it to rewatch the first twoepisodes and relive the beginnings of my little crush on Peter Krause..

And I believe I need to say absolutely nothing about Firefly. Except that, hey Nathan Fillian, Castle is not a bad show, but you are kind of wasted there, you do your best work in the slightly twisted, not at all vanilla, Whendonland...

Also, just a note to say, apparently I missed that she wrote about NEWSRADIO (again, was thinking only I knew about that show, and only I crushed on Dave Foley,). I can see lots of lost internet time.


ok, let me say right up front that I have have been more or less enjoying Glee's 3rd season, at least what I've caught of it up till now.. I know I'm not supposed too and not all the episodes are great (and I totally miss Will having something to do other than smile and do jazz slides,) but there have been some pretty cool musical numbers.

I'm not always up to date on the top forty so it's not surprising that once Glee strays away from musical theatre numbers, I don't always know some of the pop songs they do.. but now it's 4 or 5 episodes in a row where literally the day after I watch an episode (and I don't watch in real time)I start to hear ALL the time some pop song that I had never ever heard before seeing it on Glee. I know this is not all that interesting for anyone not me, but it's got to the point where I notice being radio stalked by previously non existent pop songs.

Also, just to say Matt Bomer was adorable and loads of fun. However if NPH and Kristen Chenoweth do not come back at least one more time, I will be irked.

Fool Moon

Ummm, well Jimbo's honey sweet voice and the ending helped a bit with this one...I think if I was reading it there were passages I would have skipped over. Harry did seem a bit needlessly ineffectual more often that needed, and Murphy had some real Ned Starkish moments of cluelessness. There were several deaths that just would not have happened if the two had spoken and Murphy had listened first and punched and arrested later..

Lots of going on about Harry being at fault, but if Kim Delany had just come clean about WHY she needed the circles and if Murphy had NOT put McFinn in the cell and locked up Harry in the squad car,later Dresden could possibly have contained him and prevented lots of death and carnage.. It was hard for me to see how he could have been at fault at all, but there are passages in the book devoted to the subject and it ended up irritating me..

anyway, did like a lot of the stuff that was introduced here, and have already got Grave Peril cued up on my audible book app for tonights ride home..

TWD season finale

Well after talking at the TV screen probably too loudly at 1am after I got off work, the finale mostly left me speechless except for the odd gurgle and/WTF just happened..

there have already been way better posts than I could ever make about the finale, so I'll just not...

I can't help though but link to this cool article about it on io9, one of my favorite websites evah..
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The Walking Dead 2x12

my brain is spinning but my thought process during this episode went something like this.

Jerk. Boy is she stupid. Boy is that kid annoying. Creep. Rick I can't believe you are this stupid... hmmm wait.....wait huh?'s about beautifully is this scene shot...oh's about time... rick what is this going to do to you.... boy is this kid annoying...WHAT... huh...WTF? what just happened...

I'm going need Glee or 30 rock or something to wind back down to neutral....
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