ital_gal (ital_gal) wrote,

Is this a cool holiday or what

So yesterday was St. Jordi's Day (St. George) here in Barcelona --  celebrated by giving books and flowers to your loved ones ....everybody's out and about with book stands and roses for sale on every corner.  It was a lovely late spring evening  and the streets were heaving with people looking at and buying books and flowers and having generally great time. Romance in the air for the lucky ones (sigh)
A holiday I can totally get behind (and way more romantic then Valentines day.. )

  • and now, this

    ah John Oliver. been thinking this since mid January.

  • I'm a leaf on the wind watch how I soar

    Is it silly how jazzed I am for the Can't stop the Serenity,(Totonto)to start the show? ah those opening notes.

  • happy birthday DS

    sorry this is late but Happy Birthday to the most wonderful and fabulous DS. Thank you for all you do, sorry if you don't hear that enough.

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