ital_gal (ital_gal) wrote,

forget why french women don't get fat

What about the Spanish? Working in Spain and the food everyone seems to live on beer, and chips/crisps and baguettes filled with jamon (olives thrown in as veg from time to time). And yet they are slender (no, willowy) and lovely in a healthy looking way, and have yet to see a fat person (if I don't count myself)
Hanging out around noontime in this nice little cafe,,,I'm having tea and resisting the cookies. All the other tables have beer and potato chips (ok,and olives) and guess who the chubbiest person in the room is..

  • and now, this

    ah John Oliver. been thinking this since mid January.

  • I'm a leaf on the wind watch how I soar

    Is it silly how jazzed I am for the Can't stop the Serenity,(Totonto)to start the show? ah those opening notes.

  • happy birthday DS

    sorry this is late but Happy Birthday to the most wonderful and fabulous DS. Thank you for all you do, sorry if you don't hear that enough.

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