Is this a cool holiday or what

So yesterday was St. Jordi's Day (St. George) here in Barcelona --  celebrated by giving books and flowers to your loved ones ....everybody's out and about with book stands and roses for sale on every corner.  It was a lovely late spring evening  and the streets were heaving with people looking at and buying books and flowers and having generally great time. Romance in the air for the lucky ones (sigh)
A holiday I can totally get behind (and way more romantic then Valentines day.. )

forget why french women don't get fat

What about the Spanish? Working in Spain and the food everyone seems to live on beer, and chips/crisps and baguettes filled with jamon (olives thrown in as veg from time to time). And yet they are slender (no, willowy) and lovely in a healthy looking way, and have yet to see a fat person (if I don't count myself)
Hanging out around noontime in this nice little cafe,,,I'm having tea and resisting the cookies. All the other tables have beer and potato chips (ok,and olives) and guess who the chubbiest person in the room is..

odd bits of fangirl squee

Well, the last week has mostly been dominated by the return of Sherlock, and I've already seen both new episodes twice, and have wasted more time that I care to say looking at various interney commentary and artwork... BC is amazing and both actors seemed to have gotten better at their craft since the last series..Can't believe there will only be one more in this "season" and not even sure sure they'll be a fourth. Argggh.

Gak.David Tennant and Jack Barrowman together, sigh, 3 episodes weren't enough. Does JB have chemistry with absolutely everyone? Speaking of

Got to Marsden's first episode of Torchwood. Yowza. Am liking how hot I am free to find him (here and on the Dresden books, far away from the Whedonverse, and his inexplicable dominance of the last seasons of BTVS and ATS.

Oh, and I randomly turned on an episode of Arrow on italian TV (I show I've never watched, frankly the main guy looks totally boring) and THERE WAS BARROWMAN..doesn't quite look to be his style.. is it worth it ?
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I've seen bits of Torchwood, but never from the beginning and not enough to know it well, although I guess I thought I had.
Since I'm having a bit of a Dr Who catchup and Capt Jack finally is about to come back (Tennant and Barrowman. Sigh) Thought I might finally work my way through Torchwood a bit at a time. Well that was 4 hours ago and I'm still glued to my chair.
I mean, episode 4 -- how can you not love a series where all the characters start snogging when trapped in a basement with a killer Cyberman. And then, that same episode went on to crush my heart into tiny bits. That was one great hour of TV.

I'm assuming that Gwen will eventually stop getting on my nerves, but at the moment it seems like all she is doing is playing with the dangerous toys that she is not supposed to causing lots of trouble. Hmm, kind of like this saying something about Russell T Davies?....

I realize I'm treading old ground for most people here, but I didn't expect to find it so great right of the bat. I suppose it's to much to hope that all the seasons stay as good...

Geeky Stuff

I only came into Dr Who with David Tennant (and retro actively Christopher Eccleston ), I never really watched nor was all that interested in the earlier series, and I'm not sure I really like the new guy Matt whats-his-name..

And yet, I'm super excited about this Saturday -- Day of the Doctor cue Tardis music here... Watched the mini pre episode, even watched some of those BBC america documentaries on the other doctors, and am having a 10th Doctor mini marathon/catchup. Plus I am inordinately excited about both David and Matt being on Graham Norton (ALSO THIS SATURDAY).. I feel a bit silly but there it is..

In anticipation, I leave you with this..

And this